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As per the HR Arrow privacy policy, HR Arrow, its websites, media platforms and related materials are protected under its copyright and limited liability laws. Our regulatory practices including the HR Arrow terms of agreement protect the manner in which content is used and extracted from the website Our terms of use further protect the right to access or share any information pertaining to emails and related forms of correspondence.

HR Arrow is dedicated to protecting and maintaining the confidentiality of your private, personal and professional information. All website and online details are governed by the data protection act. This includes contact numbers and email addresses as entered online. We provide certified services with strict protective measures to secure the safeguarding of public, private and corporate information.

HR Arrow receives the right to collect your personal information including name, birth date, email address, physical location and any relevant information extracted from the submission of authorized documentation.

Information is kept as an authorised record within our database.

We shall not sell or distribute your personal or business information in any manner unless provided your consent.

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