Organisational culture is what defines a business and makes us who we are including our shared values, our ethics and behaviour. Whether our operation is a bakery shop or a multinational enterprise our organisational culture defines us. It is our image to the outside world for clients and future employees. The 86% of a sample of 3000 Executives from 130 countries said that culture is a very important issue nowadays and that there is a need for redesigning it.

Enterprises very rarely stop to think what they want their culture to look like. For many years, companies have underinvested in culture both in money and time as culture cannot be measured with numbers and graphs. In result, one day we see companies closing down or requiring restructuring. In this article we will help you identify some warning symptoms related to poor culture and provide recommendations on how to fix it.

Here are the main symptoms: 

  1. Lack of employee engagement
  2. Finding it hard to attract and retain the right talent
  3. Communication problems at all levels


Have you identified any of the above warning symptoms? If yes, continue reading to find ways to fix poor culture.

  1. Communicate values, mission and vision

Many times, values, mission and vision are not correctly communicated to the employees as a result, they do not have a clear picture of what the company is valuing and what are the company’s goals. A way to communicate them is by implementing coffee with Manager programme in which Managers will have the opportunity to share again the values, mission and vision of the company to their team members.

  1. Replace what and who does not fit with the new culture

Once you have communicated a brand-new winning culture, you need to make sure that every employee from management to junior level fits within it. You need also to address organisational strategies and tools that do not fully complement the new culture.

  1. Build a HR infrastructure

Building a complete HR infrastructure will show to your employees that you care about them and you want to see them develop as professionals and individuals. Help your employees gain more knowledge and develop skills implementing individual learning plans. Also, implement rewards to show appreciation such as employee of the month reward, happy Friday drinks etc. Moreover, implement a complete performance management system with yearly performance appraisal systems, train your employees to provide feedback and implement accountability structures.


Note: Great cultures do not happen by chance and it takes years to build and just minutes to destroy. Building or rebuilding a winning culture is not easy – but it is possible with expert help. Get in touch with HR Arrow today:

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