Fixing a Poor Organisational Culture

Organisational culture is what defines a business and makes us who we are including our shared values, our ethics and behaviour. Whether our operation is a bakery shop or a multinational enterprise our organisational culture defines us. It is our image to the outside world for clients and future employees. The 86% of a sample of 3000 Executives from 130 countries said that culture is a very important issue nowadays and that there is a need for redesigning it.

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4 Reasons Why HR is Not Just for Big Enterprises

Many business owners and managers think that HR practices are not for them and they believe that it requires a lot of resources which simply do not have. Let us tell you that this is a MYTH. A large HR department is not necessary when you have the choice to hire an outsourced HR consultancy firm with minimum resources. Here are four reasons why HR is for all enterprises, not just for the big players. Read more

Following up after a job interview

Following up after a job interview is a vital part during the recruitment and selection process as it shows that you are proactive and extremely interested in getting the job.

HR Arrow’s experts share some important tips on how to effectively follow up after a job interview:

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5 golden rules to tackle stress at work

In this fast-paced environment, stress is arguably an important part of daily life and it can induce you to work towards your targets and reach your deadlines. Nevertheless, the excess amount of stress can harm your productivity. Balancing motivation, productivity and stress is the key to success.

If you find yourself getting days off because you do not feel well, being frustrated in general or even lashing out at others– the answer could be excess level of stress. Here are 5 Golden rules on how to effectively deal with stress at work by our HR professionals. Read more

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