Giving feedback to your employees is incredibly important and you will need to ensure that your feedback is specific, constructive and leads to an increase in productivity. However, if you are not trained to provide feedback can often create fear, anger and bad reactions.

Here are four tips by the HR Arrow experts on giving constructive feedback to your workforce:

Focus on facts not feelings

Spelling out your feelings without backing it up with facts could create the opposite effect of your intended feedback. Instead of simply saying “You have not met the deadline of the project and I am very disappointed in you” you could say “Your position is very important, and your work is in reliant with the other departments, meeting projects’ deadlines is extremely important.”

Create a two-way dialogue

After giving your feedback it is always advisable to ask employees’ thoughts in order to encourage a two-way dialogue and come up with good solutions and actions. These conversations can create trust between managers and employees.

Be positive

Feedback should also emphasises on the positive aspects of the employee’s performance. It is advised to use the sandwich method of providing feedback, you can start with the positive, then go on to the negative and finish with a positive feedback which most of the times is a solution/action.

Be timely 

On-going feedback is important for a continuous growth. You should make it a practice to give continual feedback to your employees.

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