Many business owners and managers think that HR practices are not for them and they believe that it requires a lot of resources which simply do not have. Let us tell you that this is a MYTH. A large HR department is not necessary when you have the choice to hire an outsourced HR consultancy firm with minimum resources. Here are four reasons why HR is for all enterprises, not just for the big players.

  1. Your people are your most vital part of your organisation

Whether you have one employee or hundred, your people will always be your business’ most important resource, as they directly connect with your customers, sales and growth. Having this in mind, you need fit for purpose HR practices to develop your employees and ensure productivity is high.


  1. Be compliant with Employment Law

It is important as a business you stay compliant with Employment Law from the recruitment process to the termination of employment. If you do not have a legal adviser within your business is better to invest in HR Support.


  1. Attract and retain talent

Nowadays, it is very difficult to attract talented individuals and especially retaining them. For that reason, an HR strategy will address these issues and create a company with a culture which employees want to work for.


Most of the times, business owners seek support when something has gone wrong or cannot keep with employees’ problems any more. Through the course of the project implementation they inevitably share that they wish they could use the HR support sooner and understand the importance of it! We tailor our level of support to your own company’s needs. So whether you need 4 hours of support each month or would like a member of our team based in your office one day a week, we can provide the right HR solution for you.

And keep in mind, the most expensive HR is the last-minute kind. You do not have to be a big enterprise to afford HR support.  Like businesses, HR comes in all sizes and shapes.


Author: Roxana Yiangou, Managing Director of HR Arrow

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